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The “let’s do it!” mentality is only part of a successful campaign.  The skill and willingness to think in the customer’s best interest is at least as important. We take the time to learn the specifics and dynamics of your business, creating the best strategies that are compatible with the goals of your PPC campaign.

Our experience can help you take your PPC campaigns to the next level – be it a search, display, video or some other campaign.

Let’s do it, but wisely!



The best way to get your message across to consumers is through skilful media use. Be it internet, TV, radio, print media or outdoor campaigns, nothing beats a skilfully crafted media plan. The opposite is true when media planning is done ineffectively, which consumes the campaign budget without getting the message across to the consumer.

We know how to do media planning so that you see a return on your investments. Thanks to our long experience, we are able to help you create a media plan that justifies itself in every way and in exactly the kind of manner that gets your message where and when you need it.



There are many good players in today’s printing market. Often, navigating it to make the right choice can be tricky and confusing. Do I have the best price today? Is the service fast enough? Has everything that has to do with prints been made convenient enough so that I can focus on the important? Do the print files I send produce the desired results and is everything well thought-out to prevent possible mistakes before the production process?

These are questions that the customer should occasionally ask himself/herself. Reflekt wants to be your guide, providing excellent customer service, the best prices on the market and on-time delivery, fulfilling the entire process from pre-consultation to logistics.

Social media


Social media as an advertising channel is virtually mandatory for any campaign today. However, there are several ways to distribute your budget: one channel or different ones.

It is important to be where your customers are. Social media is growing year by year and offers the best possible solutions for maintaining and creating customer relationships.

We help to create and implement a strategy based on your goals for both content creation and advertising solutions.

Analysis / Optimization

Let's discover

Generating traffic to your campaign through Google AdWords, advertising on social media, or PPC is the easier part of the battle. The other side is more complex and is not usually talked about. But we do! Smart and skilful web design, precise wording, and psychology are the components we’re happy to talk about. We are taking your campaign to a whole new level, moving far beyond conventional solutions. Because for us, your results are important.

Remarketing / Retargeting


The Remarketing campaign is completely focused on precisely segmented audiences.

We can identify the users who have visited the highest value website for our customer, and we can target them with the right message at the right time to create the prerequisites for the desired conversion: searches, phone calls, purchases or anything else.


Creative activity

When it comes to products and services, design is something that is important for both the consumer and the company – it is noticed and a lot depends on it. We also consider design important. We help you create a design according to your needs, whether you are launching a new brand, re-creating an existing identity or just a logo. We make sure that the result of the cooperation is the one that speaks to everyone who is a consumer of your product or service. This way you will get the best possible visuals: for prints, web and outdoor banners, landing pages, newsletters and really everything that our talented designers touch.

Advertising / Image

Video production

Video has become a required tool for presenting a product or service in order to grow business and sales results. Video helps to convey thoughts quickly and can be a powerful influencer in decision making. Creates trust in the brand and conveys emotions, which is an effective way to tell your story unmistakably. We produce clips according to the customer’s needs in all kinds of channels and in different desired formats.

Reflekt’s video production service covers the entire necessary process chain: production, directing, filming, editing, sounding, voice-over in different languages, videography.


Content creation

The word is more powerful than any sword. Using words that are complicated, inaccurate, or poorly chosen will only be a detriment to your campaign. By using words wisely, simply, and understandably, their power works facilitates your campaign more than you might imagine. Based on our experience, we know exactly which words to use – their tone and meaning. We can make words your most powerful companion to best support your brand in any media.

We are Reflekt

Each brand has its own challenges. We will help you find a solution to deal with them so that you will emerge victorious. Always.

We are Google's official partner.

We have earned Google Partner status. The badge is awarded to those who have shown outstanding results for their customers over a long period. We are proud to belong to this group.

Certified META marketing specialists.

We are officially certified META marketing experts. This way, we are able to offer our customers the highest quality, most professional and results-oriented social media advertising service.

Our goal is to help you find the best way to grow and maintain your company / brand in the digital world.

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